In Harrier there are 9 pupils in the class, which is managed by 1 teacher and 5 co-educators.

The children are taught through whole group carpet lessons, small group activities and through 1:1 targeted sessions, to meet their individual needs. Staff work with the class to model and support play based learning, with children having the opportunity to develop their skills through our continuous provision. The pupils in Harrier Class learn predominately through a sensory based curriculum and we really love to get messy! Cornflour, rice, gloop, jelly, sand and water are regular staples in our room and these are used to help the children mark make, search for sounds and numbers and learn more about our class topic.

In addition to having subject specific lessons linked to our topic, the children engage in many other sensory and exciting activities each week, including Attention Autism, parachute, swimming, dough gym and cookery. We work hard to achieve a sense of well-being for our children and promote PSHE through an ongoing recognition of achievements, which is celebrated through our ‘Star of the Day’ and ‘Star of the Week.’