Heather Rose is a full time HLTA Communication Support Lead. She liaises and works with the Literacy and Language Co-ordinator and the Speech and Language Therapist. She continues to work hard to support children 1:1 across the school with their individual communication needs. These sessions have been hugely successful and it is clear those who access her support benefit greatly.

We have invested in a large number of PECS resources to ensure all pupils who require symbols to communicate have high quality resources. We continue to run ‘PECS’ focus groups and ‘IPAD Club’ for those children using this augmentative technology. Heather ensures that student’s communication books, symbols and IPADS are updated.

We have developed the use of Early Writing Interventions including ‘Clever Fingers’ and ‘WriteDance’. Resources and training have been invested in to embed these initiatives into daily practice.

We are currently working on developing a visual reading scheme to run alongside phonic interventions. We have invested in time to develop this assessment and develop resources. We will be providing training and support for teachers and parents and carers next academic year as the scheme is rolled out.



Numeracy at John Grant School is split into three main areas; Number; Shape, Space and Measure; Using and Applying. Where possible, we connect teaching and learning to each individual Key Stages’ topics.

We embed the development of key Numeracy skills into daily routines in all classes, making it meaningful and relevant and continue to ensure that pupils have access to high quality maths resources such as Numicon and Base 10, to support their understanding.

We are currently working on a new Calculations Policy, which will further support consistency and continuity throughout the school. Progression is recorded on our assessment tool, SOLAR and then comparative data with other Special Schools is considered and evaluated on CASPA.