Reading Schemes

At John Grant School, we have a variety of schemes to develop reading skills focusing on the ability of the individual reader.

To introduce phonics, the first step to reading, we mainly use Oxford Reading Tree Floppy’s Phonics sounds and letters. This is a synthetic phonics program with multi-sensory resources integrated with the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. (Synthetic phonics is a method of teaching where words are broken up into the smallest units of sound-phonemes.) This scheme is in line with the National Curriculum of England.

Depending on individual students learning styles ‘Sound Discovery’ synthetic phonics literacy programme is taught by means of rapid short phonic based activity sessions.

We have a wide range of progression reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree, Ginn, Songbirds, Tracker, Project X, Treetops, Dockside, Snapdragons and Usborne Readers to name a few. We now have a number of free readers within the school who choose from a wide variety of topics and interests. We are fortunate to have a fully stocked library where students read and borrow books of personal interest.