6″ June 2019

To all our staff, parents and carers

We write following our letter in May letting you know about some issues that had arisen with regard to the formation of AIMAT. We wanted to re-assure everyone that all involved — the three Governing Bodies and the Interim Trustees – were working hard “to ensure that the move remains the best possible option for the 3 schools and to ensure that conversion only occurs when everything is in place”. In the letter, we noted some particular issues around contracts and the long-term financial situation that had arisen, and about which all felt further Clarification was required before the final agreement to form AIMAT could be given. Following further work, the updated information was to be considered by each of the schools’ Governing Bodies.

The Governing Body at John Grant School was the first to meet just prior to half term. They have reported that they gave all the matters extremely serious consideration; however, after a long and detailed discussion they voted to withdraw from the move to create AIMAT with immediate effect. lan Ward (Chair of Governors) is anxious to point out that they did not, in any way, underestimate the impact that making such decision would have, given the high levels of commitment and work that have been given to the process over the last 2 years. The Governors at John Grant however, felt that the risk for the school and its pupils was, at this moment in time, just too great.

The Chairs of Governors at the other 2 schools – Fred Nicholson and Parkside – have been informed of this decision, but there has not yet been opportunity for the full Governing bodies to meet to discuss the implications for them, and as a result how they now wish to go forward. This information will be circulated as soon as it is available.

The formation of AIMAT in its previously planned form will then no longer be possible, and this will be a major disappointment to many. All still believe in the principles of working together established during the conversion process and hope that this can continue as a working partnership into the future.

Kind regards

Pam Ashworth – Interim CEO on behalf of:

Peter Shields — Interim Chair of AIMAT Trustees

Steve Hobbs — Chair of Governors at Parkside School

lan Ward — Chair of Governors at John Grant School

Hilary Bradshaw — Chair of Governors at Fred Nicholson School