To all our Parents and Carers

I have spent much of the afternoon in discussion with our site team (who have been valiantly trying to clear our site), NORSE transport and our Senior Leadership Team. Although there has been significantly less new snow today and we have been able to clear some of the paths to the class rooms; the large area of the school car park remains icy and in the community pavements and side roads remain quite treacherous – there is particular concern about some of the more country roads where there are reported drifts that hardly allow one car to pass. Bearing all this and the issue of potential cold classrooms (with trying to keep good ventilation going to reduce the Covid risk) in mind, we have taken the difficult decision to remain shut on site tomorrow (Wednesday).

We will look at things again during the day tomorrow. At the moment however, we are hoping to be able to offer to open on Thursday to all that are due in and wish to come. If you feel that coming in for one day would be too disruptive (or dangerous – perhaps given where you live) we will totally understand that decision – please ensure you let your mini-bus team know so that they do not have a wasted journey and leave a message on the school phone.

In summary, if you do not receive another message by 4.30pm tomorrow, assume we will be open on Thursday.

I hope you have all been able to stay safe and warm and that all goes as well as possible over half term. At least the days are starting to lengthen and perhaps after this cold spell, we will be able to see signs that Spring and hopefully better news are on their way.

Take care

Pam Ashworth