To all our carers and parents
I hope you are all keeping well and that the time out of school has not been too difficult for you and/or the children.
I am pleased to report that we have had no new reports on any positive Covid tests this week and that all who had tested positive are starting to feel better, although I am hearing that lingering fatigue is a big issue for many. During this week our cleaning company has been in school and conducted an extra “bleach” deep clean of all surfaces – something we are not able to do when pupils will be using spaces the next day. Classes most affected by the positive tests have also had a “Mist” clean.
I am therefore writing to say that we will be open again for most pupils on Monday 23rd November. This will be for all classes apart from Cormorant Class, who will be in from Tuesday 24th November.
There remains a slight doubt about Lapwing Class, where we continue to wait for the result of a test. I am hoping that we will hear about this before Monday. If we do hear, we will make sure we contact all the Lapwing families, even if it is over the weekend. If we do not hear, all can come back anyway on Wednesday 25th November, when isolation would be ended.
I have let NORSE transport know about the arrangements so the buses should arrive on Monday as usual for most or as noted for the other 2 classes.
I am hoping that we have now had our period of difficulty, but we will certainly not be assuming this. It remains even more important for all to keep to our risk assessment measures. We have enhanced these by stating now that all staff, and as many pupils as can cope with this, will wear masks each time they leave their class base to reduce the risk of any incidental transmission in corridors etc.
We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Take care and stay safe.
Pam Ashworth