To all our parents/carers

I hope you are all OK.

I know the lack of school is proving increasingly difficult to cope with for many families, and I’m sure in many ways half term wasn’t very helpful either. Be assured that many of the school staff were still working. We have reviewed all our risk assessments for those working on site in the light of current guidance for example on testing and tracking. I am pleased however that most of the measures that we put in place after Easter, when we first had a few pupils back on site, have stood us in good stead and didn’t need a lot of changing. All the children continue to be in small groups that operate in their discrete “bubbles”, with no contact through the day with other groups. Sadly, we have had to close most of our shared facilities like the pools, the sports hall and sensory rooms, in order to ensure that all our available cleaning time is focussed on the deep cleaning the rooms that are in use.

We have been able to increase the number of pupils who attend for 2 days a week by 13 from this week, so now have a total of 44 pupils who attend. This still leaves nearly 100 who are not. I know from the questionnaires returned before half term that of these over a third of families would not currently wish their children to attend school because of the health concerns – this is totally accepted and understood. We will continue to keep all our arrangements under review and when possible and safe to do so, will hope to see more pupils back on-site with us. In the meantime, please keep in touch with the teacher allocated to maintain contact with you, and let them know if there is anything we can help you with at home. As I have noted before, the school phone is manned or checked daily as is the office email –

Free School Meals: For the days that pupils attend school a hot meal is available and can be booked as usual. Vouchers will continue to be sent to those not attending at all, and to those attending for the days that they are not in school. We know the “Edenred” system we are required to use to send out vouchers has had a lot of problems and is not very flexible. Please keep with it however and when you do receive the voucher codes – download and use them as soon as possible.

I have attached (hopefully) a letter to all parents of, and professionals who work with, pupils who have SEND from the Government. It does have some useful links that explain all the current guidance and advice. It confirms that special schools will be returning children to school as a result of individual risk assessment, as opposed to particular year groups. I do think it would have been helpful if this was mentioned more in the press etc; as I know many have asked why all in our Years R, 1 and 6 have not been offered a place.

Please know that we are thinking about you all out there, in particular those who we haven’t been able to see for so long. I hope you have managed to find our new facebook page ….although apologies for my singing on it!!

Letter from Minister can be found here

Our official Facebook Page can be found here

Very best wishes