Heather Rose our HLTA Literacy support continues to work hard to support children 1:1 across the school with their reading and comprehension. These sessions have been hugely successful and it is clear those who access her support benefit greatly.

Heather also ensures our library is well stocked and all books are of a high quality including books to suit the range of interests and abilities of our students.

This year we have invested in a large number of PECS resources to ensure all pupils who require symbols to communicate have high quality resources. We continue to run ‘PECS’ focus groups and ‘IPAD Club’ for those children using this augmentative technology.

We continue invite external providers such as the ‘Little Lights’ theatre production and ‘book bags’ into school to provide sessions for our students. These sessions were fantastic this year and really well received by our students.



The Numeracy coordinator has attended regular meetings with other Numeracy coordinators from local Special Schools. As a result, the group organised a ‘Maths Day’ where all the schools brought children who were particularly interested in mathematics together to take part in mathematical activities together.

We continue to invest in high quality Maths resources such as ‘Numericon’ to support our students.

The impact of these interventions will be tracked by subject co-ordinators. Progression will be recorded on SOLAR our assessment tool and then comparative data with other Special Schools considered and evaluated on CASPA.