The Friends of John Grant School is our registered charity, that raises money on behalf of the school. Our events are open to all not just to the friends and family of our students and we welcome the wider community. The money we receive through fundraising and kind donations directly benefits our pupils if you would like further information on any aspect of our charity work please contact Lyn Cox or Heather Rose directly on 01493 720158.

Charity Committee:

  • Lyn Cox – Chair
  • Heather Rose – Vice Chair/Secretary
  • Sharon Symonds – Treasurer
  • Stephan Edwards – Supporter
  • Andy Smith – Support

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Latest News

We are pleased to  announce that due to the support we receive we have now have a confirmed date booked in for the installation of equipment in our FE sensory room. The cost of this equipment is £12,000 which without your support would not have been possible. As such we are incredibly grateful.