Sandpiper is the primary class for pupils with a main diagnosis of Autism.

The staff in the class have a huge amount of experience and expertise supporting pupils with Autism. The classroom is highly structured; pupils have individual visual timetables and clear routines.

Each pupil has an individual workstation area, which they access every lesson to complete work tasks independently.

Every lesson pupils are also taught in whole class, small groups and 1:1 with adults to learn new skills. These activities are planned into the day so that pupils know what is happening and when.

We have subject specific lessons, for example, we have English and Maths lessons in the mornings. All subjects are linked to the half-termly topic. This half term we are learning about ‘Making things happen’. We are reading the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in English, which the pupils are really enjoying. We also have horse riding once a week this half term.

Sandpiper is a busy class with lots of learning going on. We love to have fun and make a mess!!