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The Mystery of the Unknown Sport

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Have you ever heard of Boccia? Boccia is the oldest game in the World. It was played by the ancient Greeks. Today it is a Paralympic sport, similar to bowls.

Boccia can be played by anybody. Players have to be sitting down, but they can roll, throw or kick their ball towards a target jack. Some players use ramps to help them. In 2008, Great Britain won the team gold medal at the Bejing Olympics for boccia, beating Portugal in the final.


Excel Centre



In 2012 the venue for boccia will be the Excel Centre, in Docklands.



John Grant Boccia ImageAt John Grant School the children love boccia, because everyone is able to compete with each other. There is a lunchtime and after school boccia club, and there are boccia house competitions too. Some of the students have trained to be Young Boccia Officials, and they help out with inter-school and house competitions, and in the summer they are going to help teach boccia to students at another school.

If you want to try boccia, click on this link.

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