John Grant School has a wide range of facilities on site, these include a range of specialists sports facilities & equipment, ICT equipment (including interactive whiteboards) in each class room and a dedicated computing room, a fully equipment multi-sensory room, as well as a range of other specialties facilities and equipment through out the school.

Sports and Physical Education

Our sports facilities including a sports hall, dance studio, gym, swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, sports field and playgrounds as well as range of sports equipment.

ICT and Computing

The school has well equipped classrooms which include multiple computers, an iPad and an Interactive Whiteboard or large Interactive screen, as well as additional iPads which can be used and resources used in the delivery of the Computing and other curriculum’s where appropriate. The school also benefits from a dedicated computing room which includes 12 touch screen computers.


Multi-Sensory Room

The school has recently refurbished its main dedicated multi-sensory room, which includes a range of tactile, interactive and other sensory devices (light, sound, wind). The sensory room is used by a range of pupils from across the school.

Outdoor Areas

The school has a range of outdoor activity areas including a sports field, trim trail, outdoor theater, climbing frame, sensory garden, wooded area, playgrounds and grassed areas which can be used for multiple activities. EYFS & KS1 also benefit form a covered soft play/activities area.

Other Facilities

Other specialist facilities in the school include;

  • Library
  • Dedicated Science Room
  • Dedicated Food Technology Room
  • Dedicated Art Room
  • Physiotherapy Room
  • Cafe area including kitchen for FE students
  • Break-out areas