Current Governors

Name Type Position Role
Timothy Lane Trust Governor Chair Chair of Governors
Ian Ward Co-opted Governor Member Chair of Resources
Pamela Ashworth Headteacher Governor Headteacher Headteacher
Janine Barrett Trust Governor Member Chair of Teaching & Learning
Amy Segon Parent Governor Member
Belinda Brooks Staff Governor
Judith Ellis Clerk Clerk Clerk



Profile – Tim Lane – Chair of Governors

Tim Lane - Chair of GovernorsMy motivation for being a governor is to give something back to the school for all the help and support that Nathan, my son, and I recieved during his time at the school. I believe that I have built up a good working relationship with staff, pupils and parents and I try and use my knowledge of the school and social services to help them with any needs that they might have.

I have a very good working knowledge of the social system and the problems that our parents face. I have been involved with the school for 19 years and I am now in my second term of office as a governor. My role is to be a critical friend.

I run Parent Forum meetings as regular as possible and support parent needs in and out of school. I also chair a social group for 18+ to help encourage our leavers to develop a social circle beyond school and prevent isolation and promote independence.