Report of Pupil Premium Funding 2015/16

Number of Students on Roll September 2015: 135
Total Number of pupils eligible for PPG: 48 (FSM) + 6 (LAC) = 54
Total amount received: £69245

The funding this year was focussed on supporting some of the specialist support we provide to the pupils in order to minimise their barriers to learning and maximise their opportunities for making progress – much of this is provided by our Higher Level Teaching Assistants, but from this year we are also using the funding towards employing a specialist Transition Support Teacher (2 days a week) to ensure our pupils are well prepared for, and have the best possible chance of making, a positive transfer to the next stage of their lives/education. The teacher providing this has long experience as was previously one of the Local Authority’s specialist Guidance Advisors – her work is focus on pupils in Year 9 and above.

The school monitors the progress of the pupils who qualify for pupil premium separately in order to ensure they are doing well and are not in any way disadvantaged by any of the difficulties they face. In general however our records show that this cohort of pupils is doing well and making progress in a range that is extremely similar to the range across the school.

The following is an outline of the areas of support which was provided:

 HLTA for Literacy/Communication Support

Qualified “Signalong” Trainer: Working across the school providing individual or small group literacy/ signing/ communication support across the school. Work, priorities and targets agreed in liaison with both class teacher and speech and language therapists. HLTA also offers “Signalong” training to staff and small groups of parents/carers.
At least 23 of our PP pupils are eligible for this support in school

 HLTA for Behaviour Support

Qualified Norfolk Steps trainer – member of the Behaviour Support Team – offers support and advice on behaviour across the school hence reducing barriers to learning. In the last year the amount of non-contact time for this member of staff has increased to enable her to have more time to observe pupils in class, advise on possible strategies, provide staff training and monitor the implementation of Behaviour Management Plans.
At least 18 PP pupils have this support in school

Moving and Handling (M& H)/Sensory Support

Qualified Moving and Handling Trainer – several years experience working in the PMLD class base. Currently based in FE where she helps to development sensory curriculum, differentiating work for least able students. Works with all pupils across the school who have moving and handling needs: writing and monitoring M & H risk assessments and plans, providing training to staff and monitoring equipment needs.
At least 10 PP pupils have this support in school

 Transition Support Teacher

Provides support to our students (and their families) that are leaving school this year – arranging college visits, making college applications, liaison with social services and contributing to the writing of transfer Education Health Care Plans.
Plans work experience opportunities both on and off site – this year focussing on students in Year 13.
Works with pupils in Year 9 to prepare for their Transition Reviews.
Meets with students in Year 11 and their families to help prepare for or decide whether to, stay on in John Grant FE department.
At least 23 PP pupils have this support in school.